F-Gas Legalisation

As an individual or company, it is YOUR responsibility to understand and comply with the laws surrounding air conditioning systems that contain fluorinated gases.

Predominately air conditioning systems will be operating by using a hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant (HFC).

If your system contains more that 5 tonnes CO2 equivalent of a HFC substance, then by law you must have the system leak checked annually. For example, this applies to you if, you have an air conditioning or refrigeration system operating on R410a with more than 2.4Kg of refrigerant (5 Tonnes CO2 equivalent). This is based on a simple calculation based on the global warming potential of the refrigerant your system is using.

If your system contains more than 50 tonnes CO2 equivalent then by law it requires leak checking every 6 months.

If you system contains more than 500 tonnes CO2 equivalent then by law it requires leak checking quarterly.

We understand that not everyone is aware or has the time to comply with these regulations, therefore A.S Cooling ltd can do this for you.

We will make sure you are to date with all current legal information and all data / log books are in place for your premises to comply.

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