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air conditioning in Maidstone

Air Conditioning Maidstone

A.S Cooling are experienced air conditioning suppliers in Maidstone, Kent.

Choose A.S Cooling for Air Conditioning in Maidstone, Kent

Keep your home or business cool and comfortable with our state-of-the-art air conditioning systems.

A.S Cooling are a leading air conditioning company based in Swanley, and we supply air conditioning services around the area, including Maidstone, Kent. We offer a wide range of air conditioning services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. We have a team of experienced and qualified engineers who can help you choose the right air conditioning system for your needs and budget.

Our air conditioning systems are designed to keep your home or business cool and comfortable, even in the hottest weather. We offer a variety of systems to choose from, including split systems, central systems, and portable units. We also offer a variety of features, such as zoning, humidity control, and energy efficiency.


We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service. We offer free estimates and consultations, and we are available via telephone or website forms (see bottom of the page) to service your air conditioning needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our air conditioning services if you live in Maidstone, Kent. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you choose the right system for your needs.

FAQs about Air Conditioning in Maidstone

Does A.S Cooling Ltd cover all of Maidstone for air conditioning installation?

Yes. The A.S Cooling Ltd supply all of Maidstone for air conditioning installation, as well as wider Kent. Our expert team can visit properties, both domestic and commercial, to install air conditioning, as well as provide ongoing service and maintenance.

What are the benefits for businesses in Maidstone looking to install air conditioning?

At A.S Cooling Ltd, we know there are numerous benefits for businesses in Maidstone to consider when installing air conditioning: Improved Employee Comfort and Productivity: Reduced Heat Stress: A cool and comfortable environment helps employees focus better, reducing fatigue and irritability caused by hot temperatures. This can lead to increased productivity and fewer heat-related illnesses. Enhanced Morale: A comfortable work environment can boost employee morale and satisfaction, leading to a more positive and engaged workforce. Customer Comfort and Sales: Pleasant Shopping Experience: Customers are more likely to linger and spend more money in a cool and comfortable environment. Air conditioning can create a more inviting atmosphere for your business. Improved Customer Service: When employees are comfortable, they are more likely to provide better customer service. Overall Business Benefits: Reduced Absenteeism for your Maidstone business: Studies suggest a correlation between high temperatures and increased employee absenteeism. Air conditioning can help maintain a consistent and comfortable workspace, potentially reducing sick leave. Equipment Protection: Maintaining a cool environment can help protect sensitive electronics and equipment from overheating and potential damage. Year-Round Operation: Air conditioning allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round, potentially extending your business hours and catering to customers who might otherwise avoid visiting during peak summer heat. Additional Points to Consider when considering air conditioning installation in Maidstone Kent with A.S Cooling Ltd: Improved Air Quality: Many air conditioning systems come with air filtration features that can help remove dust, allergens, and other airborne irritants, creating a healthier work environment for employees and customers. Energy Efficiency: Modern air conditioning systems are becoming increasingly energy-efficient. Consider options with high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings to minimize running costs. By installing air conditioning, businesses in Maidstone can create a more comfortable and productive work environment, leading to increased employee satisfaction, customer comfort, and overall business success.

Will A.S Cooling Ltd have a problem accessing my property in Maidstone when installing air conditioning? 

As a leading provider of air conditioning in Maidstone and Kent, our team have worked on a huge number of projects over the years. Our expert installation team can assess your property and provide you with the best guidance on how to proceed if you are considering installing AC units into your Maidstone home or business. Access at a property rarely causes a project to stop, it’s just a case of working out the best way to proceed with minimal disruption to you and anyone else in the property. The best way to learn this is to book a visit from the A.S Cooling Ltd team - get in touch by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Maidstone Air Conditioning
"Anthony is very professional and knowledgeable. The survey took please very promptly and the install shortly after. Could not be happier, the team were clean and tidy and left me nothing to do when they left. Highly recommended."

Jo, as seen on Google Reviews

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