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Domestic Air Conditioning FAQ

Domestic Air Conditioning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Air Conditioning

Fin answers to your common questions about installing air conditioning in your home or private property.

As one of the leading providers or air conditioning in Kent, the A.S Cooling Ltd team are often asked the same or similar questions about domestic installation of air conditioning. That's why we have listed these questions below as well as our answers, so that you can learn more about the process and feel more comfortable about investing in AC for your property.

If you have a more specific question about air conditioning installation in your Kent property, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send us a message.

Can I install air conditioning in my UK domestic property?

Yes! Installing air conditioning in the UK is very common. A lot of commercial properties have had air conditioning installation for decades and more and more homes are also having it installed.

If I rent, can I have air conditioning installed in the UK?

Probably not. You would need the permission of the building owner. Installing air conditioning is a significant change to a property, involving changes to the walls, outside area, and structure.

How close can an air conditioner be to a property line in the UK?

1 metre away is the general rule but this may still depend on your specific location. External units for air conditioning being installed in the UK are mostly at least 1 metre away from any property lines. 

How often do air conditioning units in the UK need to be serviced and maintained?

Once a year is the recommendation for servicing your air conditioning units. Like most appliances and machines, defects can go unnoticed and lead to bigger problems down the line, so we recommend and provide regular maintenance options to service your UK air conditioning units.

Do I need to tell my insurance about installing air conditioning in the UK?

Yes (probably). Air conditioning installation can fall under a structural change to the property so it is best to let your insurance know about it. This way they can cover you properly. It is always best to speak with them first if you are concerned about how this may effect your insurance cover.

Do I need planning permission to install air conditioning in the UK?

Probably not. Often, air conditioning installation will be covered under your permitted development rights as a homeowner and therefore you don't need planning permission. However, if your property has small or unusual boundaries with other properties, it may be required. 

How expensive is it to install air conditioning in the UK?

Air conditioning installation costs in the UK varies from property to property but a general ballpark is £5-10k. Factors that will determine the final price for air conditioning installation include:

  • The type of units you wish to install

  • The number of rooms you wish to install them in

  • Your property type & access

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