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Air Conditioning Servicing in Kent

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Have your air conditioning in Kent services by our experience team at A.S Cooling.

Service & Maintenance For Air Condioning

Maintaining your air conditioning system is the most important part of this industry. Regular maintenance can:

  • ‍Increase efficiency

  • Reduce running costs

  • Prevent unexpected breakdowns

  • Increase system performance

  • Increase air quality

  • Reduce noise levels and stale odours

  • Improve aesthetically


Although the maintenance of a system can never guarantee it won’t fail, it has a huge factor in all the above.

Time after time A.S Cooling receives phone calls regarding systems that need replacing due to poor maintenance and neglect.

Here at A.S Cooling, we can offer one-off maintenance or a full annual contracted service for your air conditioning in Kent.


Maintenance contracts offer an extensive range of cover.

A deep clean of all indoor and outdoor units will be completed, including filters, fan motors and drain pans/pumps.

All internal components will be cleaned and checked for performance and damage, not just external surfaces.

A full leak check of refrigerant to comply with current legal regulations.

Upon completion of maintenance, A.S Cooling Ltd will issue a full digital report of work completed and leak check results.


If any repair work is needed a written quotation will be supplied before any work takes place to avoid any unexpected costs.


Please get in touch with the friendly A.S Cooling team using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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