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Air conditioning in Kent for different rooms in your home

What a summer we are having! The sun has been shining for large sections of recent months, with temperatures even breaking into the forties. Whilst the benefits of the warmer weather and shining sun are essential, it is also equally vital to consider the preparations many homes need to make to ensure their home's inhabitants (family, friends, pets) stay safe when the heat is on.

Air conditioning in Kent for different rooms in your home
Air conditioning in Kent for different rooms in your home

At A.S Cooling, we provide air conditioning in Kent and the surrounding areas to both homes and businesses. We are an experienced supplier with a trained team of friendly technicians who can instal and maintain air con in any property. Many of our customers have been thrilled with choosing air conditioning installation at their property, helping them to better regulate the temperature and environment for their loved ones, friends, or even customers. One of the questions we often get asked is: which room should I install AC in?

Without knowing your property and your air conditioning needs, it's unlikely that we can provide an exact answer to that question but we can certainly provide some guidance on where you can instal air con units typically within a home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Air Conditioning for Bedrooms

Let's face it, when it comes to a good night's sleep these incredibly hot days (and nights) don't help. By installing air conditioning units in your bedrooms, you can keep the temperature just as you like it. This can avoid having to clutter your room with noisy fans, having windows open which presents risks and dangers - especially if you have young children or pets, or having to resort to removing all of your bedding!

Air Conditioning for Lofts

This is a common one we install for customers. Lofts get very hot due to rising heat within a property and with many homes converting them into bedrooms, offices, living spaces etc, ensuring they have a enjoyable temperature is essential. Here's a recent 5-star Google review we received from an A.S Cooling customer:

"AS Cooling recently installed an AC unit in my loft extension. Sam, Anthony and their team are incredibly professional, clean, tidy and trustworthy. This is the second property of mine where AS Cooling have installed a full vented solution. The AC can be fully controlled through an App on my phone which is perfect if you want to turn in on to cool before we arrive home.
My daughters loved have the team installing the solution with Sam and Anthony taking to time to get them involved and show they how the digital panel works. I cannot recommend this business highly enough.
Thank you again, Sam, Anthony and team."

We are thrilled with the result for this customer.

Air Conditioning for Home Offices

This is a big one after recent years. With the door opened for home working, many homeowners have chosen to dedicate space within their property as a permanent office. One of the downsides of working from home, however, is not being able to enjoy the air conditioning which often comes in actual offices. You can change all this, however, by installing air conditioning in your home office with A.S Cooling, which we have done for many Kent homes.

So there are just a few small examples of where you could install AC in your home. If you would like to get a free quote for air conditioning in Kent at your property, please just use the contact form below to answer a few quick questions. We look forward to hearing from you.


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