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Air Conditioning Installation Prices in the UK

Choosing to install air conditioning in the UK will often unearth the same considerations, in particular, if you are choosing domestic air conditioning (i.e. for your home). These considerations are:

How much is air conditioning installation in the UK?

How long does air conditioning installation take in the UK?

Will I need to move out of my home to install air conditioning?

Do I need planning permission to install air conditioning?

Who should I trust to provide air conditioning installation for my home?

Our air conditioning installation experts at A.S Cooling Ltd are on hand to provide professional advice and guidance to homeowners and landlords looking to provide domestic air conditioning installation in Kent, UK. We often speak to our customers for a considerable time before they decide whether or not to proceed, answering their common questions about AC installation, the types of products they can choose, which rooms they want to install them in, and many other aspects of the services we provide.

The price of air conditioning installation in the UK from A.S Cooling Ltd in Kent

The cost of air conditioning installation in the UK typically ranges between £5-£10k and this cost will be determined by a number of important factors surrounding your chosen installation. These factors include:

  • How many rooms do you plan to install air conditioning in?

  • What type of air conditioning products would you like to use?

  • What is the layout of your property like?

  • Are there any access issues that may need additional support for the installation?

These are all part of the initial consultation you will have with an air conditioning supplier in Kent like A.S Cooling Ltd. Our team is here to guide you on the process and will work with you to create the perfect solution to enhance your property with air conditioning installation.

When considering the price of air conditioning installation in the UK, it's important to know all of the important details about your specific property. Until our engineers can visit your home and fully inspect the potential layout and access, we may not be able to give a fully comprehensive quote for the job. We may be able to give you a ballpark figure based on the bullet points above, which will help you determine whether air conditioning is something you can afford at this stage. We can then also talk to you about the process, timeframes, our availability, as well as any other questions or concerns you may have about installing AC in your home.

Many homeowners in Kent have already had domestic air conditioning installation with us, so if you would like to see examples of our work, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch. We would be happy to show you some, or alternatively, you can follow us on social media (using the links at the bottom too) to see some of our most recent installations in and around the South East of the UK.

If you are a business owner, great news, we can also provide commercial air conditioning installation. This is something we have also provided many times and can discuss with you your needs, including ongoing repairs and AC maintenance.

Should you have any further questions about the price of air conditioning installation in the UK, or any other aspect of AC, please do get in touch with our friendly team using the contact form below. You can also call us directly on 01322 613055 - we hope to hear from you soon.


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