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When to Consider Air Conditioning Installation in the UK

Homeowners in the UK are facing a lot of lifestyle choices in 2024. The cost of living crisis has meant that monthly budgets for essentials are being questioned and evaluated, leading many to consider alternative options for their home and family.

You may already be considering air conditioning installation. The benefits, after all, can be clear if you have ever experienced it perhaps in your office, or abroad when on holiday. The ability to control the temperature of your home more effectively is hugely appealing to many homeowners and has led many UK residents to consider installing it in 2024.

At A.S Cooling Ltd, we provide both commercial and domestic air conditioning installation to help property owners enhance the experience for the people in their buildings. Whether that's your colleagues and coworkers or your direct family. From our initial conversation with a customer, through the installation and future maintenance, we aim to provide expert assistance when it comes to air conditioning installation as well as 5-star customer service. It's important to us that our customers feel they have made the best choice when considering air conditioning installation in the UK.

There can be financial benefits to UK air conditioning installation, one of the biggest being adding value to your home. A property with air conditioning already installed will appeal to a lot of buyers and it's a home improvement you are unlikely to need planning permission for (only if it the outdoor elements are very close to the boundary - contact us if you are concerned about this aspect). You may also be able to save on your heating bill! As our AC installation can provide both cool air and warm. Being able to heat a specific room in your home (such as a home office) rather than the entire thing with central heating can be an effective way to upgrade your lifestyle.

Portable air conditioning units can be a great solution for many homes, especially if you have the floor space. This is something we can also assist with. We provide a Free Quote system for anyone interested in installing air conditioning in the UK, and would be happy to provide you with further information regarding the types of AC units we can install, as well as the benefits they have for you and your home. We can also give you more of an idea on costs and timeframes once we know the scope of the work that will be undertaken.

To get started with your air conditioning installation journey, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and one of the friendly team at A.S Cooling Ltd will be in touch to discuss with you your property and needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


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