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Why customers in Orpington are installing air conditioning in 2023

As we approach the end of 2022, many homeowners are thinking about the home improvements that will be on their wish lists for the new year. At A.S Cooling, we are happy to provide customers in Orpington with air conditioning installation, whether they are domestic customers or commercial.

air conditioning in Orpington
air conditioning in Orpington

As one of the leading suppliers of air conditioning in Kent, our experienced team can provide your home or business with the best solution to your needs. Every customer and property is different and A.S Cooling is proud to provide a bespoke service to ensure the result is perfect every time.

Many customers choose to install air conditioning in the Orpington home to keep cool during the hot weather. This was particularly evident during the heat waves of the summer of 2022. With similar temperatures expected in 2023, installing AC now could be a very wise investment to get you ready for when the heat returns.

Did you know that air conditioning can also be used to heat your home? With the current cold snap in the UK, as well as the cost of living crisis, heating your home has never been more of a (excuse the oncoming pun) hot topic. One of the benefits of using air conditioning to heat your home is that you can easily choose different rooms to heat. So, for example, if you work from home and only need your office heated for the day, that's the unit you have on.

Switching to air conditioning in Orpington has also helped homeowners lower their carbon footprint. Earlier in 2022, the government chose to offer 0% VAT on domestic installations as an incentive, something many homeowners are taking advantage of!

Tell us about your property and how we can help you install air conditioning, whether you live in Orpington or the surrounding towns in Kent. The A.S Cooling team are ready and happy to help.


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