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Choosing An Air Conditioning Supplier in Orpington

The winter months are not fair away and the heat waves of previous months feel like a distant memory. Did you know, however, that air conditioning units from A.S Cooling can also heat your home? And that's why we are one of the top providers of air conditioning in Kent.

air conditioning in orpington

We are based in Swanley, making us a fantastic choice if you are looking to choose an air conditioning supplier in Orpington. We work with all property types, whether you are commercial or domestic, and have years of experience installing air conditioning for our customers.

When considering air conditioning installation, it's really important that you factor in the following:

- Your People's Needs: whether you are a business or a family, it's really important that installing air conditioning helps you in the best way possible. As mentioned, AC can also heat your home as well as cool it, which can be great if you just want to heat one room during the day, or the whole property.

- Your Property: unlike portable air conditioning units that can be moved to the garage when they are not in use, air conditioning is installed as a permanent feature within your room or rooms. There will also be changes to the outside of the house and other areas to allow for the system to work. When speaking to a member of the A.S Cooling team about installing air conditioning in your Orpington home (or anywhere else for that matter), we will be able to go through with you all of the details and outcomes so you can make an informed decision.

- The Cost: installing air conditioning can be an investment in your home, so it is important to be aware of the costs that will be involved - both in the installation and the running costs. This is also something the team at A.S Cooling can liaise with you on once we know more about the above two aspects.

If you are looking for air conditioning in Orpington, or any other area in Kent, then get in touch with us by using the contact form below. Our friendly team will be happy to help.


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